Facebook Timeline and social marketing

Facebook has been game changer from the day one. Here again they come up with new look as Facebook timeline. Ever since its preview at f8 conference, in last September – there been lot of buzz about it. The entire digital guru’s community was busy making their predictions – as when this will be launched and what impact do they see on the people.

This timeline feature can impact massively on the brands/business Social CRM, since one can go back to day one of their post. (If the brand keeps it that way)

Facebook timeline will give great opportunity to business to use it cleverly for their branding.

Having a facebook application will engage new and will keep the loyal fans entertaining/engaging – as more they ‘talk’ more help they will do for the brand/business.

How this impacts you? – It’s cool, if you are on facebook get a new fresh look to your digital life.

Does this change your life? Probably no… but it will make your life a bit interesting

What about privacy? Why are you on facebook on the first place? Anyways you can select which part of information you would like to share and which you don’t.

Do share your thoughts on this writeup.

Facebook Timeline preview is now open for public, and will be published/made live by 26th Jan 2012. If you haven’t already received an invite to Timeline, you can enable it now by following simple steps.

(once logged on Facebook)
Step1. Search for Timeline
Step2. Select the Timeline App
Step3. Like the app
Step4. Refresh your page.

(this worked for me, in case you face any issue contact pankaj[dot]kashyap[at]gmail[dot]com)


Steve’s Marketing Weapons

It’s a sad day. As the world is saying Good Bye, to the greatest mentor of our times Mr. Steve Jobs and sharing inspirational messages/thoughts from the this great leader. Here is my little tribute to this and many such inspirational icons.

What makes him pioneering, dominating and iconic is his farsightedness. In late 80’s when computing is only done on the workstations by the scientist, engineers and researchers. Thou PC and MaC does exists at that age, but the challenge they were facing was the market share. That time Steve identified a market share which can be targeted and which had immense potential to multi-level growth. Steve categorised this market as “Professional Workstation Users”.

That age SUN and IBM were the heavyweight champions and they have the workstations. Not, everyone can afford these machines and Steve had identified these professionals from various domains like Medical, Publishing, Financial Services, Travel etc. as their customers who would be using their machines for their day-to-day applications. Steve also calculated how much they would be growing in the coming future, and what he suggested few “weapons” to grow this at the 3x speed.

He then suggested why people come to them – he said, professional will need “1.Custom Apps” – as these professional would not like to create/develop applications on the Sun/IBM hosted mainframes and then using them on their terminals – as they will provide a very cost-effective platform which is seamlessly connected with the networks to do their transactional day-to-day work.

Steve suggested that by creating “2. Great Production Apps” these professional who will be buying our workstations will be coming back to them again for more units so they can enable their entire team/organisation performance. Such organisation would be needing application which enables their different divisions to interact with each other, so they can have better productivity. These productivity apps will be helping these organisation to do such things

And the “3rd. Interpersonal Computing” Steve said that we should encourage the interpersonal computing by improving the group productivity and collaboration to use the sophisticated desktop computing. He suggest that more and more when we involve the customer into there sales cycle, it will rise their interpersonal computing.


and then he shared the marketing mantra “by educating customers about their products and platform” take out 2 or 3 developers bring them to our campus give them heads up about what we are developing next. Once, we do this we will have the religious follower which will catalyst and make our ideologies into a marketing “weapon”.

Moral of the story, having a product you can’t just push your sales team to meet the numbers. Their has to be a marketing plan with a micro level breakdown approach for your targets.

Do we know who all are following these practices?… hmm! 🙂