Amex – Catalyzing business with social media

Consumer behavior has changed tremendously after the digital revolution. The way today’s consumer is shopping online (at least in India); this wasn’t the scenario a decade ago. Consumers today are highly engaged, they are keeping a tab on the latest offers, deals & discounts more than ever before.
Responding to this shift in consumer behavior, organizations are gearing up with their digital initiatives. Many research companies claim that more than 90% of companies are shifting from traditional investment to digital ones and I would second that!
Recently in SXSW conclave, American Express (Amex) has been appreciated for encouraging use of social media. They not only to engage their customers, but also for encouraging business to offer their products and services to amex card members enabled with geo targeting ads. And making a couponless solution.
Amex Sync
Amex strategized it well, as they not only engaged the users by asking them to retweet to earn benefits on the amex card. Also, they opened the platform so that newer business can place offers. Making use of crowdsourced methodology.
Imagine if the same approach is adopted here in India. Will this re-ignite sales for the brand/business? Does that change the customer behavior in India? What will be the fate of the online shopping portals?
Whatever the case maybe, but it will certainly give an edge to customers by keeping their personal data to themselves while looking for deals. And businesses a new tool to infuse sales.