Change this new Facebook setting to see the friends you actually care about

Try changing these settings and you will have new set of feed.


Everyone has one — the cousin who shows up at the top of your News Feed because she uses Facebook as an exclamation point-saturated diary or a friend whose postings top it simply because her entire family “liking” everything suggests to Facebook’s algorithm that everyone else she knows will inevitably “like”’ it, too.

Exactly how Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes content is a secret kept under lock-and-key, but one thing is certain: despite Facebook’s best efforts to please us, we don’t always actually “like” what we see.

Starting today, Facebook offers a solution to your annoying cousin.

Rather than unfollowing your cousin’s posts altogether, you can instead signal to Facebook who you would actually like to see at the top of your feed. In News Feed Preferences, select which friends you’d like to always see posts from. Facebook will mark those friends with a blue star, bumping their posts up to the…

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